Feel the memories of your ancestors

African-American Journeys is an innovator and leader in the field of tours for those searching for the memories of their ancestors. Our unique programs have been designed for those who want to go beyond touring a destination and seek to genuinely experience the people, cultures and spirituality of the countries and places they visit. We offer you the opportunity to become an intimate part of that experience. To “feel” it, not just “see” it in ways that are simply not available to regular tourists.

Traveling with African-American Journeys offers you other important advantages:

  • As a Division of RMC Travel, we have enormous buying power. And that buying power is translated into outstanding value for your travel dollar.
  • One of the key reasons for our continued growth is our reputation for delivering what we promise.
  • The intangible element that keeps our clients coming back is a combination of carefully planned programs and services–plus our personal and untiring attention to detail – before, during, and after our tour departures.
  • AAJ carries a $1,000,000 per traveler Errors and Omissions travel insurance policy for your travel protection.

Excellent value, reliability, and dedicated personal service — it all adds up to unequivocal customer satisfaction, and repeat travel with us.

RMC Travel, AAJ’s Parent Company

African-American Journeys is a division of RMC Travel, formerly known as The Cortell Group, one of the travel industry’s most innovative companies. Under the leadership of its former Chairman and travel industry leader, Jules Cortell, and the company’s current President, Raymond Cortell, The Cortell Group developed and launched such travel concepts as the European Fly/Drive Holiday and London Theater Holidays. It also pioneered trekking programs for students, gay travel, tours featuring Volunteering and many other types of programs that are a part of today’s travel world. The Cortell Group’s innovation and creativity also led to their early use of the Internet as a travel-marketing and sales tool in 1986. As a division of RMC Travel, African-American Journeys reflects the company’s innovative spirit, dynamism, and integrity.