Feel the Memories of Your Ancestors

rootsAfrican-American Journeys is an innovator and leader in the field of tours for those searching for the memories of their ancestors. Our unique programs have been designed for those who want to go beyond touring a destination seeking to enhance the experience by delving into the people, culture and spirituality of the countries and places they visit. We offer you the opportunity to become an intimate part of that experience. To “feel” it, not just “see” it in ways that are simply not available to regular tourists.

On the West Coast of Africa, where millions of Africans taken into captivity saw their homeland for the last time, African-Americans now search for the memories of their ancestors. Today, many African-Americans are sensing that the ancient wisdom of the past should be re-discovered. They feel the calls of the ancient sacred places growing stronger.

Travelers don’t only want to understand the social, cultural and religious aspects of a society, they want to discover that place in their consciousness. They want to become an intimate part of that experience. And most important, they want to travel with an understanding of the past and share a vacation of a lifetime with like-minded fellow travelers. To be greeted with a warm friendly smile followed by “my brother” or “my sister” and then an embrace.

In addition to our current tour offerings, our African American Journeys are now available in three additional special tour programs for like-minded travelers

  1. Suggested tours to form your own group departure to Black Historical destinations
  2. Group tours for special events such as weddings, birthdays, meetings
  3. Religious journeys to the Holy Land for your Church

We at African-American Journeys are very excited and honored to share these special trips with you. Journeys that will be “happenings” – that reach across the waters, across the many miles and across cultural differences to extend a collective hand and hug of friendship. We invite you to embark on one of our extraordinary tour programs.